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Korobko Ivan

Коробко Іван Васильович

Korobko Ivan - professor, doctor of technical sciences,.

Born in 1954. Graduated from the KPI in 1980, the department of PTM.

1980 - works as an engineer of the Department of PTM.

1982 - M.Sc. Research Department of the Department of PTM.

From 1983-1986 he studied at the KPI graduate school.

In 1990 defended the dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in specialty 05.11.01 "Instruments and methods of measuring mechanical quantities".

In 1999 became director of NDC "PRICE".

2003-2007 - is a doctoral student.

Has 67 scientific works, published 168 scientific articles.

Scientific direction: Measurement of costs and quantities of fuel and energy resources and water.


Information systems in industry and energy conservation;

New information technologies;

Fundamentals of economical saving;

Scientific guidance, achievements:

Management of research work of graduate students.

Scientific and organizational and social work:

Scientific supervisor of scientific topics;

Member of the State Commission for the Admission of the State Standard of Flow and Quantity of Liquids;

Member of the Commission on Energy Saving NTUU "KPI".

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