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Litvinenko Pavlo

Літвіненко Павло Леонідович

Litvinenko Pavlo - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

Born in 1956. Graduated from the KPI in 1980, the department of PTM. The department works since   1989. The author of 32 scientific works, including 1 author's certificate.

1989 - 1992 - studying at NTUU "KPI" post-graduate course;

1996 - protects candidate's dissertation;

2002 - receives the title of assistant professor.

Scientific direction: Controlled systems for measuring parameters of motion. Automated complexes of coordinate measurements.

Discipline that teaches:

Special disadvantages;

Measuring and control devices;

Fundamentals of engineering control.

Basic scientific works:

Method of high-precision measuring of loads of small mass;

High-sensitivity gravity meter with dynamic adjustment;

On measuring the acceleration of gravity on a mobile basis.

Scientific guidance, achievements: was the executor of the Research work for the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Defense and the National Space Agency of Ukraine.

Scientific, organizational and social work: he is the Deputy Chief Secretary of the University's Admissions Committee since 1999. for the present time.

Техника дойдет до такого совершенства, что человек сможет обойтись без себя. (Станислав Ежи Лец)

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