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Today's most talkable topics are unmanned cars, robot R2-D2 (android astromechanics, intelligence + precision mechanics), smart homes, recognition and synthesis of the language.

To various mechanisms and devices of precision (precision) mechanics, including devices include:


  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Measuring devices and devices
  • Devices and sensors of time
  • Precision Robotics (android)
  • Devices and machines for controlling the sizes
  • Astronomical Instruments
  • Computers
  • Navigation devices and devices


In our time, the most developed countries (first of all, European, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore) pay great attention to improving the accuracy of measurements and the improvement of precision (precision) technology. This is due in the first place to the fact that there is a fierce competition in the markets for the sale of precision technology, which requires appropriate metrological support not only during manufacture, but also in operation. The training of such specialists is carried out at the Departments of Precision Engineering at the following universities: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), North Carolina State University (USA), Polytechnic Institute of Lausanne (Switzerland), University of Twente (Netherlands), University of Cambridge, University of Jena (Germany), University of Tokyo, Singapore Polytechnic University.

A rapidly developing world trend is the sensors for measuring the parameters of motion (displacement, speed, acceleration, vibration, etc.). These sensors are dominated by accelerometers, whose field of application lies in smartphones, tablets and multicopters (drones) for automotive and aerospace technology. Annually production volumes of these sensors make several billion dollars. It is this direction that has been developing actively at the department for many years. Course and diploma projects, scientific researches and dissertations are devoted to this subject. Figure 1 shows the quadcopter at the initial stage of development (master V.Tomashchuk, head of the associate professor Dubinets VI). In fig. 2 presents a revised version of the drone, which is the result of many years of research and completed on this subject courses and diploma projects.




In fig. 3 shows the main nodes of a modern car, each of which contains primary transducers (sensors) and actuators (actuators), which are considered in special courses of lectures for students of our specialty. The intelligent sensor is capable of adjusting itself to operating conditions and continuously adjusting its sensitivity in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Their intelligence sensors are obliged to microprocessor technology. Being a self-learning microprocessor system, such a sensor is capable of handling large volumes of information at high speeds. Thanks to the microprocessors today, the user has enough convenient installation, configuration and application of sensors. Engineers, in the presence of excellent interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, find in the computer-integrated technology an infinite field of activity for their practical application.


Figure 4 shows the Boeing aircraft dashboard, in the central part of which depicts the aerodrome navigation device group (altimeter, speed indicator, index of the vertical speed of the aircraft, aircraft horizon, overload indicator, fuel meter, etc.). And all these devices refer to precise (precision), which are considered in special courses of lectures and are read to students of our specialty.

Recall the history of computer technology again. Near the origins of personal computers there were two young men (over 20 years old) - Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who, if they believed in computer mythology, made their first personal computer - the prototype Apple-I - in the garage, and then captured a significant part of the global market for personal computer sales. And where did they get the money? The car - the one that stood in the garage - was sold. And Bill Gates, who consistently occupies one of the first places on the list of America's richest people? And the inventor of the mouse is Douglas Engelbart? And a sound card developer? In general, the list is infinite. And what are we worse about? There is a garage, there is a car, education - for envy of Bill and Steve. The climate, or what, we have not that one?Вперед молоді, красиві, креативні студенти !!!

Fig.4 Investigation of the characteristics of the MEMS accelerometer LIS244AL firm STMicroelectronics on the rotary platform

Fig.5 Investigation of characteristics of wave transmissions

Fig. 6 Investigation of the characteristics of the ADES 16003 Accelerometer MEMS of Analog Devices by Centrifuge


На свете есть столь серьезные вещи, что говорить о них можно только шутя. (Нильс Бор)

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