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Admission 2018, Department of Instrumentation recruits for training bachelors, masters and PhD degrees in two fields:

------------------------- Specialty 151-----------------------
Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies

----- Specialization training: -----

Computer-integrated Technologies for Precision Mechanics Instruments

---------------------------  Specialty 152 -------------------------
Metrology, Informative and Measuring Equipment

---- Specialization training: -----

Information Technology and Measuring Systems for Precision Mechanics


Training is based on complete secondary education and a reduced program based on the obtained ROC "Junior specialist" for a list of related specialties can be found on the faculty.

Admission occurs certificates UPE UPE 2017 and 2016 the Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, physics or foreign language. Physics (foreign language) or mathematics must have at least 125 points, the remaining items - 100 points.


Electronic Admission

Instructions for electronic entry

Admission for students is

full-time and distance learning: the conditions of the state order
(Training - free, provided hostel).

Rules for admission to an educational institution: Terms of study:

1. Bachelor-3 years 10 months;

2. Masters (educational professional program of training) - 1 year 4 months;

3. Masters (educational and scientific training program) - 1 year 9 months;

4. Doctors of Philosophy (Phd) -4years

Acceptance of documents at:

Kiev, st. Polytechnic Institute

street Polytechnic, 14, building. 16, floor 5, room 156

phone (+38 044) 204-96-45; 204-96-46; 204-94-83

site of the department E-mail:


151. Automation and computer-integrated technologies


152.Metrology and information-measuring technique

Specialization: Computer-integrated technologies precision mechanics devices

Specialization: Information Technology and Measurement

systems of precise mechanics

And the level of education: bachelor

After successful defense of the diploma project of the R & D "Bachelor", the graduate of the department is qualified:

Information technology specialist

Specialist in information and measuring technology

II level of education: master's degree

After successful defense of the master's thesis, the graduate of the department is qualified:

Educational and professional training program

educational and scientific training program

Educational and professional training program

educational and scientific training program

Computer engineer

Research engineer for computer systems and automation

Engineer for development, debugging and testing


European Diplomas
Specializations represent a unique combination of engineering computer and information sciences, which allows you to get comprehensive and balanced education to work as an engineer, designer of modern Computer-integrated systems and equipment, system administrators, business leaders in Ukraine and in Europe.


Computer-aided design equipment and computer-integrated systems (packages CAD, CAM, CAE, etc.);
The latest information technology. Development of instruments and systems for precision mechanics new information technologies;
Microprocessor Technology (development of intelligent devices and computer-integrated systems);
Computer-integrated systems, computerized measuring systems (diagnostic devices and systems, construction of canals collecting measurement data, control and management software performing devices);
Modern methods of software instruments and systems

Places of employment graduates:

research centers, design offices, all kinds of enterprises and factories and companies (including foreign);
businesses, institutions and dealer of computer and information area including foreign;
modern printing companies (diagnostics systems and devices, computer graphics, computer training and maintenance training and support for printing) and other


Experienced and responsive teaching staff;
The modern laboratory facilities and the latest information technology (two large computer centers, laboratories);

Department Address:

37 Victory Avenue, 1st building, room 170, 170A, 168, 168A, 261, 263, 317, 318

phone 204-94-84; 204-94-83, Site of:

Address selection committee:

Documents at:

Kyiv, str. Polytechnic 14, Building 16, Floor 5, Room 156 (m. Polytechnic Institute) Selection committee

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