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Department of Instrumentation

The instrument-making department is the founder of the Instrument-making Faculty and a number of its departments. The department prepares specialists from two SPECIALTIES:



Specialty: 151 Computer-integrated Technologies for Precision Mechanics Instruments

Specialization "Computer-integrated technologies of precision mechanics devices". This specialization reflects a new direction in the development of Computer-Integrated Technologies, which combines information technology, technology development software with technologies for designing mechanical systems and precision mechanics.

Specialty: 152 Information Technology and Measuring Systems for Precision Mechanics

The specialization "Information technologies and measuring systems of precise mechanics" is a new direction of development of information technologies and programming technologies with means and systems of information gathering and processing.

The training program is aimed at studying by future specialists the latest achievements of information technologies, modern computer design (CAD, CAE, CAM, CAD "Catia", etc.), as well as obtaining the necessary knowledge for the development of computer measurement systems (including in the field of energy saving )


The department has permanent mutually beneficial relationships with the leading scientific and educational centers of Russia, Belarus, Germany, France, China, etc., which provides teachers and students with a permanent participation in scientific forums, as well as helps to implement new developments and interesting results of scientific research.

Study of the disciplines of the department, which provide basic design training, as well as disciplines such as:

  • construction of devices;
  • computer design of devices and devices;
  • three-dimensional design on a computer;
  • new information technologies and telematics;
  • computer systems and information technology networks give the opportunity to obtain the necessary practical skills of a modern engineer-designer.

A wide range of knowledge and free possession of the most advanced means of designing devices on a computer (for example, with the help of CAD "Catia") give the graduates of the department confidence for creative work in the design bureaus of instrument-making enterprises of any direction (both domestic and foreign).

Our address: Kyiv, pr. Premoni, 37, 1st building, room 261, 263, 170А.

Тел./Факс +380 (44)  204-94-83, 204-94-84

General information


Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "нтуу кпи им сикорского"

Information Department

On the basis of the decision of the Government of the USSR, in February 1961, the Ministry of Higher Special Education of the USSR issued an order to establish a department of "Precision Mechanics Devices". At that time it was the first department in Ukraine that trained engineers in the specialty "Precision Mechanics Devices" for the needs of various industries of Ukraine and, especially, for defense and space technology. On the basis of this department and department of gyroscopic devices and the Faculty of instrumentation was formed. From the first days of its foundation, the work of the department was aimed at training specialists for instrument-making enterprises, scientific, design and design institutions. Graduates of the department held positions: engineers-designers, engineers-researchers, test engineers, engineers in the operation of measuring equipment and other positions related to the development, manufacture and operation of measuring instruments for mechanical quantities. Subsequently, the name of the department "Devices of Precision Mechanics" was changed to the Department of Instrumentation, which continued to prepare bachelors, specialists and masters in two specialties: "Devices and Systems of Precision Mechanics" and "Information Technologies in Instrumentation." In this period, work is being done on renaming the department - at the "Department of Information Technologies and Precision Mechanics"

General characteristics of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. The Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI) was founded in 1898 on the initiative of the scientific and technical community and entrepreneurs of Russia and Ukraine as a response to the needs of industry in the southwest of the state, which was rapidly developing at the end of the XIX century. In the KPI, 4 departments were opened: mechanical, agricultural, engineering and chemical. The first rector of the institute was the famous scientist and teacher V.L.Kirpichov.

KPI worked and developed based on the best traditions of famous European schools: the Parisian "Ecole Polytechnic", Aachen, Vienna, and Magdeburg Technical Universities. At the core of this system of higher technical education was a combination of in-depth science and basic training (in physics, mathematics, chemistry and other disciplines) with general engineering and the acquisition of vocational and practical skills at work and in scientific institutions. These principles in the KPI were laid by world-renowned scientists Mendeleyev D.I., Zhukovsky ME, Timiryazev K.A., Kirpichov V.L. and other prominent figures of the time created by the well-known scientific and pedagogical schools of the KPI, thanks to which a whole series of prominent engineers and scientists was prepared at the university. Sufficiently to name such names as I. Sikorsky - an outstanding designer of planes and helicopters, E.Paton - bridge builder and specialist in the field of electric welding, S.Korolov, V.Cholomey, A.Lulka - outstanding designers of rocket and space and aviation engineering, I. Bardeen is an outstanding metallurgist and many others.

In the process of developing actively, KPI became the base for expanding and strengthening the network of universities in Kyiv and Ukraine. Thus, on the basis of its departments and specialties, the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Railway Transport, the Odessa Institute of Naval Engineers, the Kharkiv Textile Institute, the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy, the Vinnytsia Polytechnic Institute and others were created.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is the largest technical university of research in Ukraine, one of the leading universities in Europe and the world. For three consecutive years it has been ranked first in the ranking of Top-200 Ukraine universities, and its international recognition confirms entry to 4% of the best universities. the world ranked QS World University Ranking 2011/12. The KPI is the leader in the number of dual degree programs. Among the HEIs, it has the widest presence in the global information space (ranked 5% of the best universities in the world based on We bometrics)

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute provides education at the level of world-renowned universities both on a state-commissioned basis and on a contractual form of training.

Today in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute more than 26 thousand students study, including 350 foreign students from 35 countries of near and far abroad, more than 800 postgraduate students and doctoral students. It consists of 28 educational-scientific units (10 institutes and 18 faculties), 12 research institutes, 13 research centers and 1 design bureau. Scientific researches, training of students of educational qualification levels "bachelor", "master", postgraduate students and doctoral students are carried out by a team of highly skilled scientists and scientific and pedagogical workers, among them 15 actual members and correspondent members of NAS of Ukraine and branch academies of sciences of Ukraine, 450 doctors of sciences , professors and 1300 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 32 winners of state awards.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute successfully cooperates with 165 foreign universities from 47 countries of the world, many international organizations (EC, CU, UNDP, UNESCO, UNIDO, WIPO, NATO, EDNES, ICSU, CODATA) and famous firms (MOTOROLA, SIEMENS, FESTO, SAMSUNG , INTEL and others), participates in the implementation of international educational, scientific projects and programs.

Concept of educational activity. The main goal of educational activity is to ensure the personal development and creative self-realization of each student, the formation of the ability to study deepening of cooperation with educational institutions and scientific institutions, wide involvement of NAS scientists and branch academies in the educational process and research work

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