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Department of Instrumentation

The instrument-making department is the founder of the Instrument-making Faculty and a number of its departments. The department prepares specialists from two SPECIALTIES:




Specialty: 151 Computer-integrated Technologies for Precision Mechanics Instruments

Specialization "Computer-integrated technologies of precision mechanics devices". This specialization reflects a new direction in the development of Computer-Integrated Technologies, which combines information technology, technology development software with technologies for designing mechanical systems and precision mechanics.

Specialty: 152 Information Technology and Measuring Systems for Precision Mechanics


The specialization "Information technologies and measuring systems of precise mechanics" is a new direction of development of information technologies and programming technologies with means and systems of information gathering and processing.

The training program is aimed at studying by future specialists the latest achievements of information technologies, modern computer design (CAD, CAE, CAM, CAD "Catia", etc.), as well as obtaining the necessary knowledge for the development of computer measurement systems (including in the field of energy saving )


The department has permanent mutually beneficial relationships with the leading scientific and educational centers of Russia, Belarus, Germany, France, China, etc., which provides teachers and students with a permanent participation in scientific forums, as well as helps to implement new developments and interesting results of scientific research.

Study of the disciplines of the department, which provide basic design training, as well as disciplines such as:

  • construction of devices;
  • computer design of devices and devices;
  • three-dimensional design on a computer;
  • new information technologies and telematics;
  • computer systems and information technology networks give the opportunity to obtain the necessary practical skills of a modern engineer-designer.

A wide range of knowledge and free possession of the most advanced means of designing devices on a computer (for example, with the help of CAD "Catia") give the graduates of the department confidence for creative work in the design bureaus of instrument-making enterprises of any direction (both domestic and foreign).

Our address:

Kyiv, pr. Premoni, 37, 1st building, room 261, 263, 170А.

tel .: 204-94-83, 204-94-84

General information

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "нтуу кпи им сикорского"

Information Department

Since its inception, the department was aimed at training professionals who work in enterprises, research, development and design positions at institutions, research engineer, engineer, engineer, test engineer on the operation of measuring equipment and other positions related the development, manufacture and operation of instruments and measurement systems.

The main task faced by the department is to train specialists to address the following issues:

  • design and construction of devices and measuring systems for the control, measurement, control and regulation of the most common physical quantities such as pressure, acceleration, flow, temperature, time, vibration, dimensions in instrument making and machine building;
  • design and construction of precession mechanisms, separate units and elements of devices and measuring systems;
  • implementation of all necessary calculations, author's supervision over the implementation of design decisions;
  • organization of manufacturing, efficient use and maintenance of devices and measuring systems.
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